Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Notes on the end of Twilight

The world seems horribly restless. I really think that an awful war will come within the next few years. Personally, assuming it to inevitable, I hope it will come soon. Let's get over it quickly. If civilisation is not destroyed – many people even talk glibly of that possibility! – the aftermath will surely be awful. Poverty, depression, strikes again. High prices.

Conscription! For the first occasion in our peacetime history, there is talk of conscription for the Army. In the powerful countries around the men are trained in arms as part of their normal life’s routine. In England – a volunteer regular and territorial army, both amazingly under strength.

Spain: A civil war of amazing ferocity rages between fascists and communists. Many foreign volunteers are fighting there, on both sideS. The world is being divided into two sections – Communism and Fascism. Japan and Germany have just made a pact against Soviet Russia. Where does England stand?

Royalty: Gossip and scandal about the King and his secret mistress. Very discreet, veiled statements in the press. “Mrs Simpson the well known society hostess”. “Mrs Simpson was among those present…” “American society woman’s life threatened.”

Scandal daring to touch the British Throne!


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