Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Wednesday 11th November 1936

Eleven o’clock of a dismal day.

Ethyl Glycol, 1 ½ gallons, then silence. Drip of taps in the cellulose solvents store. A siren. “There she goes” said Foreman Blay. I drew another gallon of ethyl glycol.

Cold wind. Incessant rain. Went to the Pictures (Empire) to see a dashing Foreign Legion film. Sitting snugly at the front of the balcony, I forgot my sore and dirty hands, forgot the cheerless rain outside.

An unreal Remembrance Day – for me. I saw no poppy seller in the streets; no half-mast flags. No Armistice film shown in the news programme. Continuous, windblown, soaking rain.


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