Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Monday 9th November 1936

I now wear gloves at meal times, unless I am alone. Hands are grey in colour and “chapped”. The reek of solvents has made my mouth sore and rather spoils smoking. The work is interesting.

RNVR this evening. The V/S candidates sat at a table, studying flags, under distracting conditions. On the deck above, the Cenotaph guards were drilling. On the deck below a gun’s crew were apparently doing breech loader drill. Hoarse commands and thuds from above; hoarse commands, incoherent shouting and crashes from below.

Met Gwyn, Charing Cross, and had a drink and a chat. Left her at Ada Lewis, 10:30 and met John (accidentally) at Waterloo. Left him at his digs, 12 o’clock.

Home, supper, a little reading, then bed.


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