Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Sunday 1st November 1936

Not surprising that last night’s adventure seemed eerie. It was All Hallows Eve, when spirits roam the countryside!

Awoke 8:45 and was called a few minutes later. Cup of tea outside the bedroom door. Went along to the bathroom (snug in a dressing gown) and found a large jug of hot water, with clean towel and new bar of soap. Breakfast in the dining room. Bacon and sausages, toast and marmalade. A napkin. And the morning paper! From one window I could see Magna Charta, my first digs and in the other direction, Kapai, my last digs!

A days rambling with Richard. His first “hike”, I think. Showed him many of my old haunts – Callow Hill, Rusham Copse, Thorpe, St Anne’s Hill. Tea at the Old Mill House, with it’s log fire and candlelight. He got quite a “kick” out of it and also enjoyed a wicked trip out onto Bell Weir.


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