Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Wednesday 21st October 1936

The Medes at dusk. The ex-soldier tramp, Dehay. Took him to the Runnymede kiosk. Poor blighter! A warning? (“This time last year”, he said whimsically, “I was at Malta, training for the Olympic Games”.)

I missed my train up. Too late for drills but got to the Embankment soon after 9 o’clock and met Gwyn. Went to Lyons Brasserie. Damn London! A foul place. What can one do there, at half past nine in the evening?

Left Gwyn at Ada Lewis, 11:30. A long wait then, for my train to Charing Cross. I dozed all the way to Ealing. Arrived home, nearly 1 o’clock. Which meant five hours sleep before the alarm was due to scream again.


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