Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Thursday 15th October 1936

A sweet morning and a warm day.

Happy evening too. Dick Y. came along (before he arrived, I cleaned and swept, until Kapai was a temple of the gods). Took him to my new digs but we remained on the paying side of the saloon bar.

Beer makes the world more pleasant – psychologically. Gives me a happier outlook on circumstances which are precisely the same. Beer enhances the taste of cigarettes – another of it’s great virtues.

Baked beans for supper, cooked at Kapai. Then I rigged up an airing line and hung my pyjamas (“dobied” yesterday) on it with the stove just below.
Delicious to put on warm pyjamas, then read in bed just a few minutes with a last cigarette. Then, switch out the light, turn on your side – sleep.


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