Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Friday 9th October 1936

Two letters were pushed under the door at 7:30. I had made my bed in the old Scout way, and was kind of swathed in blankets, for the sake of warmth. I managed to drag the two letters to the bedside by brushing around them (several minutes of exciting suspense) with a sweeping broom.

5:20 of a cold afternoon. The suddenly familiar smell of the works lab when I came in and lit a cigarette! Dick Young called. Both felt lazy and sat talking idly. Eventually went out – to the Bells of Ouzeley.

Back by 11 o’clock. Cold weather, but dry. I light the stove every night now, at half past five or whenever I return from the works and keep it burning until bedtime.
Winter; although the leaves are only just beginning to fall.


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