Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Monday 5th October 1936

The oil lamp was burning all the evening, trying to keep Kapai warm enough to live in. Frost tonight.

Did an hours punting, alone. Weird, in the darkness. Almost “felt” my way up to the Mill Pool. Afterwards, went into the village to look at some prospective digs. An awful, working man’s abode it was! Told the woman I’d think it over.

Got back to Kapai. Difficult to unlock the door in the dark. I struck a match to examine the padlock and heard someone on a push bike coming along the tow-path. Felt lonely; thought, “if only somebody would come and see me!” The cycle stopped. Turning, I saw the glow of its lamp against the gate.

Feeling suspicious and feeling that I too, must look a queer customer, I walked towards the gate, glad of any diversion. A feminine voice said anxiously, “Is it you?” A voice I remembered! “Is it you?” Diana! She came in; she was not the least bit changed. Within a few minutes – kisses. Beastly disloyal for me, so soon. Almost indecent, especially as neither of us care a bit. Diana and I could act well together in an emotional play.

We acted very skilfully tonight.


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