Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Wednesday 14th October 1936

At the works, slack; not enough to do.

I have lunch every day now, at the Magna Charta Café. (Prop. Miss Donald), just outside the works. Breakfast, either at “Nobby” Clarkes’ snack bar or at the Kosy Nook Café. Bacon and eggs at the latter, steak and kidney pie at the former.
Clarkes is warm however and full of friendly, working class men. Kosy Nook is empty and cold – in fact, not at all “kosy”, at this time of year.

Evening: As this is my last week at Kapai I am going to do a little housework. Have arranged digs for next month – at the Victoria Inn. Palatial sort of pub.

The last page of Lengthening Shadow, 1936.
Lengthening Shadows, that began with agonising, deathless sense of magic, end dully.

(In other words, Lengthening Shadows ends in just another black mood)


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