Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Monday 2nd November 1936

The works: without comment.

Mid afternoon, Mad Willy met me in the stores and said “Is it true you’re coming into the lab?” “First I’ve heard of it” It was! At 4:45 Mr Val sent for me. He was in his office, preparing to go home. “Oh, Dawson, we’ve got a new job for you. You’re to start in the lab tomorrow, with Mr Nimo. A lot to learn… formulation…synthetics…” By that time he was in the doorway.

Mad Willy is puzzled (and something else).

Page cut from journal here.

RNVR 109 Drills. Hard work in the V/S lecture room, on colours and meaning of flags.
“S…green and white diagonal bars… six short blasts… submarine sighted starboard side… addresses ship holding those pendants… close up…”

Glad I transferred, anyhow. One is doing some good, something definite, in signals.
To console myself for the sadness of this strange human life, I bought myself a dazzling RNVR scarf.


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