Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Thursday 26th November 1936

Ten days since my last diary entry. Not particularly dull days. Cold of course.

Surprising, after my dismal first reactions, that I am enjoying the new job. So many stores annoyances no longer exist and it is pleasant to work among educated people. Furthermore, I prefer doing things with my hands instead of tapping typewriter keys and writing consignment notes.

Hall came to see me on the 19th and played the piano. I licked him at the hockey machine.

On the 21st, John and I went to the Pictures (Windsor Playhouse) and later had supper at an eating house. Amusing, the film projector kept breaking down periodically. Certain of the audience had thoughts of fire, I guess.

Borrowed an extremely lewd and filthy book (private, uncensored edition) from Blay and lent it to John. He roared loudly. It was pretty hot!

On the 25th I went for a lone walk after supper and found my old friend the night watchman, down Chertsey Lane. Stayed by his fire until nearly midnight then dashed home, had another supper and did some reading.

Mr Branford, the works chemist, is leaving soon – ill health. We are all very sorry. The new chemist, Pollard is quite a young man. He started this week as a sort of understudy. A new face in the lab – breaks the monotony.

7:30p.m. I guess I’ll go to the Pictures. Rub some cold cream on my hands first! Devilish.

N.B. Later: It was a front row (balcony) seat at the Majestic.


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