Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Sunday 15th November 1936

Called for John at Melville and caught the 9.33 up. Arrived Dorking North 11 o’clock, met Gwyn and Margaret. A ripping day in the brown countryside. Blustering wind. Saw many jolly ramblers, but few parties as noisy as ours.

Lunch, ale and a darts match at a pub (Friday Street). John and I had a singlestick duel outside.

Up the tower on Leith Hill. Tea in a rather funereal large room at a pub. Afterwards we sat around the fire a long time, talking of the possibility of War. It was a long walk back to Dorking and we wandered along unknown, winding lanes. Amazing we did not lose our way.

John and I adjourned to the refreshment room at Clapham Junction whilst waiting for the Staines train. We waited just a minute too long. We swore horribly when we realised it was gone. Reached the Victoria again, 11 o’clock.


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