Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Friday 27th November 1936

Walked to Windsor with John. Through Great Park; called at Dick’s but he was out. Reason for the hike – we had Green Line return tickets with the Windsor – Staines part not used. Two north countrymen, anxious to get their money’s worth!

We discussed The Black Sheep Club. The idea was mine and came from our crazy boating expeditions at the end of this summer. A club for unconventional young people. Actually I wanted a society – The Colne Club – of unusual people, interested in boating. The qualification for membership would be a trip up the Colne as an efficient member of a crew. John elaborated this idea and has planned a permanent club of adventurous and gay people.

One of it’s secret objects is to smash Rookery, a well known social club of the conventional type. (Peggy was a Rook, by the way.) This intrigue is shown by the fact that John suggested naming the club “Crookery” with it’s members as “Crooks”. Eventually we decided on The Black Sheep (ie. Black sheep within the flock – a little different from the average sheep). The name is slightly satirical because the typical Sheep will not be at all sheep-like in character.

Tonight we discussed our club at length. (John is the president. It was at first designed as a dual position but I shall be unable to spare the time necessary to take such a responsible post.)

More of The Black Sheep Club, which is in it’s pre-natal stage yet.


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