Saturday, September 29, 2007

Tuesday 1st December 1936

Left the works feeling harassed, fed up and hard up. A small tea, on my feet, whilst I changed.

Caught the 6:28 up, with John. Gay atmosphere at once. We each impressively bought a packet of five Woodbines. Met Gwyn and Winnie (the forth Sheep) in the Regents Palace foyer. Found a corner table in the Rotunda Court and sat long over coffee, thoroughly comfortable. We drew up the Black Sheep rules, formulated a psychological test for intending members and made ourselves the Club Committee.

Enthusiastically travelled to “President” by decrepit old four wheeler coach (I had to go on board with a note and became sedate just for a few minutes whilst on the main deck.)

Walked to the Running Horse, said to be one of the three most immoral pubs in the country. Somewhere in Mayfair I enquired the way of a man selling flowers. “East Chapel Street? Do you mean the Running Horse?” So famous! I looked my astonishment, whereupon the man said loudly and cheerily, glancing at the girls, “It’s alright, sir, we know what you all want!” There was only one bar in the pub, which was packed. The women looked pretty wicked and most of the men appeared to be of the homosexual type.

Haymarket Brasserie for supper. Tables around a dance floor. The cloakroom attendant was astonished by my hand when I doffed the gloves. (They are dark green today.) Spitting noises in the bus. Raucous laughter. Amusement in the tube during a standing-up competition whilst there were many vacant seats. Nice to be funny. Nice to see a girlish smile appearing on the faces of strangers.

Down by 11:58. Settled accounts in usual way. I owe John 2/2 ½ Liquid assets nil.
But it was worth it!


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