Saturday, September 29, 2007

Sunday 6th December 1936

Was not called until 9:45. Pleasant to wake up, warm in bed, with drawn curtains hiding the bleak landscape. The weather, when I did rise, was even more unpleasing than that of yesterday.

Have just been reading old diaries.

1933 Saving up for an outing with Pegs and denying myself cigarettes (what fortitude!) Funds – 7/- 1/2d.
1934 Saving up for an outing with Joan but my efforts to abstain from smoke failed. Funds 8/10d.
1935 RNVR filled my mind. Funds rather low; did not expect my weeks budget to balance.
1936 Cancelled an outing arranged with Gwyn, because of the foul weather and also because I did not want to infect her with my cold or whatever the hell it is. Funds: A distinct improvement! Bank 10/- Cash 17/-.

Extract from a paper:

“It seems apparent that the King’s decision will have to be one of three. His Majesty may reject his Ministers advice and adhere to his desire to marry Mrs Simpson, in which case there would be an immediate resignation of the Government.
Or he may decide to bow to their wishes and renounce his intention to marry the lady. The only other alternative is abdication in favour of his brother, the Duke of York”.

Courageously went out in the evening. Cycled to Ye Old Mill House and sat close to the log fire in the candlelit tea room. “Devonshire tea for one… Indian please”. Rather unusual to be there alone!

When I came out into the night, the wind had definitely fallen. Which was lucky, as it had been a following wind on the outward journey and I naturally expected a bitter struggle, returning.


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