Sunday, September 16, 2007

Sunday 23rd August 1936

Up 9 o’clock. Into the river before breakfast. By the time we dried, the kettle was boiling; hot tea. Went upstream in a dingy and after a long pull, reached Old Windsor Locks. First time I’d seen them! Hot, but not too hot on the water.

After lunch – tea, did “dobying” ie. Washed my linen in a bucket. Strung it across the bungalow ceiling, to dry.

Up the Colne by canoe, for a change. I felt pretty picturesque as I towed the canoe along, wading, clad in a sports shirt and bathing costume and pipe. That particular pipe was a lovely one. After reaching the Mill Pool we went on by a rapid, shallow stream. Having struggled fifty yards or so we tied up and I lay down in the canoe while Dick explored further. Lay there with the sound of the water rushing against the side, watching clouds of tobacco smoke drift away. Dick came, we tried to get in the canoe – and upset it. Took out our soaking trousers, a towel, Dick’s pullover, the mat. Dragged the canoe onto the bank and emptied the water away. Luckily, my cigarettes, matches and tobacco were unspoilt.

Eventually went downstream again, landed the drenched clothing and returned. Dick left the canoe for a bathe and I paddled (sometimes punted) up to the Mill Pool.
Then I drifted down, singing. I told the boatman “she had shipped a bit of water” and he said “yes, there is a leak somewhere”

Dick and went to bed (being minus trousers). I went to a snack bar and had bacon and eggs. Brought Dick some chips (specially prepared) which he ate luxuriously in bed. Telephoned Hawthorn Court and arranged for Father to bring Richard’s suit, shirt, collar and tie etc. early in the morning. When I returned to Kapai Richard was asleep. Guess I’ll turn in now, also. Nearly eleven o’clock.


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