Sunday, September 16, 2007

Thursday 6th August 1936

Warm, wet, drizzling rain. Incredible summer altogether!

After feeling dull and robot-like for so long I once again have felt vivid and sensitive. The time is nearly 11.30 – too late, considering I must be up at 6.30 tomorrow.

As I was leaving the works this evening I passed Joan – Miss Walmsley. We smiled. This is a very rare thing, since the row, 18 months ago. Wonder what would happen if we spoke? Perhaps she wonders also.

Heard there was a furnished bungalow to let at Wood Haw. Gave way to temptation and called to enquire. It was a rough, wooden, one-roomed place on the riverside. I took it. Back at Wood Haw; paid the first weeks rent (10/-) Strange to be in that familiar hall again! I remember a Saturday afternoon in November nearly three years ago, when Harvey and I sat in that hall and saw Peggy coming slowly down the stairs.
Hell! She looked adorable just then! But Harvey was gone and instead of Peggy, there was the pretty, business-like Miss Williamson, to give me a receipt and make a list of the furniture I required.

Drizzling, warm rain! Waited in Staines for the 7.43. Had a cup of tea and bought a book by Galsworthy. Felt excited all the evening.

Had three letters for the post; one for Young, one for Welsh and one for Killick Baker of the Broke. A girl came along as I stood by the stamp machine, pushing coppers in. I asked if she could change sixpence, wondering if her voice were as heavenly as her face. It was a perfectly sweet voice! She offered to lend me 1 1/2d It was a devil of a struggle not to agree and make that an excuse for meeting again! She looked so young and innocent.

I’m writing I such detail because it is seldom that I feel anything but blasé nowadays. Sometimes the writing of this journal requires quite an effort. But not tonight, so I have taken advantage of the mood. (A dancing mood which is doubtless, dancing swiftly away.)


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