Sunday, September 16, 2007

Thursday 30th July 1936

Had arranged to see Gwyn tonight, before she left for Germany. In charge of the stores, Harris being on holiday. Not finished until 6 o’clock, I gave up hope. Scott gave me a lift to Staines from where I phoned Gwyn, to apologise. When I heard she’d changed her mind about turning up, I changed mine too.

We eventually met at Charing Cross at 10 to 9. I obligingly produced her untruthful letter, which she tore up and impressively scattered into the Thames. Wandered along the Embankment; went from Westminster to Tower Bridge in one of them there river launches. Coming upstream, we sat right in the bows, away from the gormless sightseers aft.

Said goodbye in a taxi between Waterloo and Charing Cross, 11o’clock. At the head of the escalator where we were to part, we decided to make a provisional, rather romantic, rendezvous for September 1936 or 1937. The arrangement was this: September 23rd between 8.30 and 9, in the middle of Piccadilly Circus (beneath Eros). Neither of us is actually under any obligation to turn up, either this year or next year. A pleasantly platonic arrangement!


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