Wednesday, September 05, 2007

Wednesday 22nd July 1936

“Make and mend.” At sea until noon. Spent the morning 1) scrubbing woodwork, 2)polishing the iron deck.

I was interested in McBride’s account of his liberty flirtation. “So after I kissed her I said, “Can you stand for me?” and she said “Yes”, so I showed her my Dreadnaught (anti-conceptative) and said, “What about this?” but she cried, “Oh no! Not that!” That’s the most damn funny thing I’ve heard here!

Afternoon, cleaned and shaved at my leisure and changed into no. 1’s. What a difference this makes!

Went ashore after tea by the tug. Wandered around St. Helier with a WT Killicke. He was fed-up and left me with the deliberate intention of getting drunk.

Fish and chip supper at a café, where I met an ex-Tiffy.
Back by the 7.45 tug. Several snotties on board but I was the only libertyman. The skipper let me take the wheel, a great thrill.

Killick Baker greeted me on the mess deck with “Your supper’s on the shelf, Lofty.” Sausages and tomatoes which I warmed in the galley. Later, Rounds and then “Cover guns.” Another supper for the RNVR watch on; margarine, bread, cheese and tea. (Bought the cheese on shore.)

Went into the focsle head before turning in (10.30) Saw six light buoys flashing and heard the weird bell of hes fours.


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