Wednesday, September 05, 2007

Thursday 16th July 1936

Ship under way by 9 o’clock. Facing outboard, lining the rails, as we went downstream. The ship began to roll on the swell as we cleared the harbour.
Instructions for RNVR rating in the sea boat, slung on davits. Out of the corner of an eye I saw main mast swaying wildly against the sky. Cleaning out the boat. Staggering backwards and forwards with buckets of rain water. Difficult to walk straight!

3inch A.A. shooting going on whilst we had dinner in the heaving focsle.
And cigarettes. Amazingly, I did not feel sick! Had expected to be sick as hell.

Back to docks 3 o’clock. Libertymen 7.15, with Foulkes and McDougall. Shopping; sat in a park overlooking the harbour; Cider in a pub crowded with naval men. “Volunteers! Chuck em out!”


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