Wednesday, July 25, 2007

Saturday 11th July 1936

Wet afternoon. A swim at Ealing then, on impulse, I went to Hounslow, (with my costume in a case still) wearing old shoes, the old mac. and the black hat (it is now ancient).

The Dominion. Back to the old secret rendezvous. A balcony seat. (House full in the cheaper parts.) I had a pipe and several cigarettes and an ice. The Dominion is a cosy place, with several intervals and it’s nice to look around at the faces and realise that there’s nobody there that knows you. Afterwards I had some bread and cheese at a snack bar.

If I let myself get out of control I should be a bundle of nerves. I think the best way to conquer “nerves” is to do things. Once done, a thing loses it’s terrors.
And the best way to do things is to be stolid and unimaginative about it all.


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