Wednesday, July 25, 2007

Monday 13th July 1936

Ex Paddington 10.30 by Cornish Express, with AB Burcombe and OD Foulkes. Plymouth 3.30. RN lorry took the three of us from Keyham station through the dock yard and alongside HMS Broke.

Reported to the office then went to the mess deck. Hands were just starting tea. “How do, Lofty!” said a huge hairy man as I followed the others in. This was my nickname all the time. Our mess was no.9 All RNVR men. The rest of the mess were Sands (Sussex Division), who came soon after we did, and five men from Clyde Division – McBride, Welsh, McIntee, McDougal and McLaugham. The broad dialects around our table!

My hammock billet was at the forward end of the focsle with Burcombe’s on the left and Sand’s on the right. About 18 inches from my face was an electric bulb (police light) which was not extinguished with the others.


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