Wednesday, September 05, 2007

Tuesday 21st July 1936

To sea; round the islands all day.

Forenoon – scraping the guard rails, splashed with spray.
Afternoon – polishing the iron deck.
Back to St. Helier 4p.m. Starboard watch on.
Had tea, a wash and shave (4.30 to 6p.m.)
Then Quartermaster’s messenger from 6 to 8. 8 to 8.45, supper. Afterwards, “Cover guns!” and filling all the fresh water tanks.
Finished 10 o’clock. A long day’s work.
Ship rolling at anchor.

Went to the heads, for the usual reason. Sitting comfortably there, I heard sounds of action through the port and saw a tug trying to get alongside. On board her were the enthusiastic port watch men. When they eventually reached the mess deck, 30 minutes later, they awoke us to explain what a lovely time they’d had on shore!


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