Wednesday, September 05, 2007

Friday 17th July 1936

Minor sensation in the mess this morning, when we heard of the attempted assassination of the King.

Libertymen after tea, with Foulkes, Burcombe and Sands. 13 men from Broke. Only one, (Prentice) was “frisked” at the dockyard gates. I sent home 75 Duty Free Cigarettes from the nearest post office.

Luxurious meal at YMCA. (I had sausage and beans), then Burcombe, Sands and I went to the Pictures. The assassination attempt was shown in the news reel. Fervent audience, National Anthem. Visited the Fun-Fair and the Dodgems.

Royal Sailors’ Club for supper. No beds available so reached Broke eventually, about midnight.


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