Wednesday, September 05, 2007

Thursday 23rd July 1936

To sea with the Governor of Jersey aboard. Seemed pretty rough; one of the old AB’s told me it was “choppy.”

Spent the morning washing and polishing on the iron deck (with spray flying over us).
Anchored in a rocky inlet somewhere on the Jersey coast. Felt damn tired. After dinner I had 20 minutes sleep on a bench 12 inches wide – the lockers being occupied by other slumberers. Dirty overalls for a pillow.

Oblivion… The pipe, “Clear lower deck! Hands muster on the focsle!” Manned the capstan to weigh by hand. Left, right, left, round and round. Three shackles of cables, I think.

Returned to this bay again about six bell of the afternoon watch. Raining hard. Got the starboard accommodation ladder out. Anchored again and landed the Governor.

Teatime. The mess deck began rolling in the same way – we were off again! Put my no. 3’s in the engine room to dry (damn hot down there!)

Mist, rain, slow ahead, hooting siren. Standing at the break of the focsle I saw rocks, cliffs and a lighthouse loom out of the mist on the port bow.

Had a wash after tea. I shaved, washed face, hands, and teeth – all in the same bucket. Burcombe did the same when I was finished.

Duty part this evening, which meant work until we turned in. (10.15) Finished (and turned in) at last. That bloody, decrepit hand pump!


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