Sunday, September 16, 2007

Thursday 20th August 1936

It is glorious at Kapai. “Everything is coming my way” – This evening, in navalese, has been a “make and mend”. Letter writing, tidying-up (everything in my home is “just-so”, of course). Have just made some tea and washed the pots. Time is 9.30. When I’ve finished this, shall sweep and dust, then “stand easy” until bedtime.

A fair has opened in the next field; I have musical accompaniment at the moment. The latest jazz is being ground out from some machine. The tunes seem to repeat every 80 minutes so it is not too bad. Shall probably loathe it eventually and long for silence but am enjoying it now.

The first financial week is nearly over and I think I shall be alright. Naturally, there is less money to spare than before but I don’t think I shall go broke or be having any other experiences similarly reminiscent of past days.


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