Sunday, September 16, 2007

Sunday 30th August 1936

After an hour’s aimless wandering in Staines, John and I boarded a river steamer near the Bridge, soon after midday. We went aboard from a ferry boat in midstream. This was the most eventful thing about the trip. Otherwise, we sat among rows of morose passengers, mostly rather elderly. Reached Windsor 2 o’clock. The Captain, who from time to time, gloomily intoned, “Gangway, please!” as he passed to and fro, told one passenger to sit down, adding “Don’t get panicky”. I noticed that the gentleman so addressed, carried a suit-case labelled, “N.Y.K Line. Stateroom”, so he’d probably seen more seafaring than the worthy river Captain!

We had lunch at a cheap place near “The Ship”. Sausage, chips and a sweet. Also coffee. Afterwards, (Windsor was crowded and it was damn hot) went on the river. Had a swim, were nearly run-down and were overcharged badly. Had a pot of tea (becoming economical) and came back by train.

Both returned to Kapai and sat talking in the garden until dark; then went inside and talked.


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