Saturday, September 22, 2007

Wednesday 2nd September 1936

A dashing, rather baffling evening in Town. The tubes, the trains, Hawthorn Court, the ship. And sweat!

At 10:45, reached Staines G.W.R. Cycled along the towpath. Reached Kapai, changed from town clothes into bathing costume and went into the river. The moon is just past the full and the light was so strong that I could see my arms as I swam, head under the water. On the surface it was dark; except for a silver circle of troubled water around me. Now it is 11:45 and I’m sitting in bed, smoking the last cigarette but one. I feel clean and aglow. Whilst I smoke that final cigarette (which will be a Russian) I shall read a chapter of Galworthy’s “Forsytes”.


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