Saturday, December 29, 2007

Wednesday 14th July 1937

The girl in the sweet shop who sold me the idea of digs, is named Phyllis May. Called at her place in Westcliff this morning. A nice semi-detached house in a fairly good class district. Mrs Clarke suggests 27/6 a week as a P.G. (paying guest). Might go there in the winter, but just now I’m very happy where I am. East-wood-bury. The name in itself is delightful. Called on the Vicar of Eastwood today. After half a dozen calls on various people in various places, it is now certain that Paripan products will be specified for the new vicarage, at Eastwoodbury. This may lead to other things…

The Vicar, who is more business-like than parsonic, is a member of the C. of E. Building Committee. He has been appointed to Eastwood to liven-up church building activities in S.E. Essex.


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