Wednesday, January 16, 2008

August 2nd to August 6th 1937

Slept until 10 o’clock on Monday morning. Up 7:30 other mornings. Did not work very hard on Tuesday and Wednesday! However, the weeks turnover was about £20. Did not receive my arrears of pay, as anticipated, so was beastly hard up. Drew 9/- from the bank – all I could! – and borrowed a shilling from Mrs Butler.

On Friday I spent the whole day at the Eastern Star works with Mad Willy. They have been having trouble with our synthetics. Must not lose that contract! Mr Marston, the director, was very tolerant about it however, and afterwards bought me back to Roedean in his car. Mad Willy roared away to Chertsey (Chertsey, by the Thames, in Surrey!) on his Velocette.

It has been a week of lovely weather, a heat wave in fact.


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