Sunday, January 20, 2008

Monday 6th September 1937

193 Battery has entered for the Brigade Trophy contest for section drill, to be held at Walthamstow next month. Two gun crews are training, one will be chosen to represent the Battery.

Yes, I’ve been picked - No. Eight of Bombardier Lucks gun. Guess I’ve lost that exciting and important post as No. Four. Wonder why? I did not make any mistakes! However, Luck seems a decent feller really, although he is unpopular. Perhaps I’ll stay in his crew. Bombardier Roberts is leader of our other crew. Glad I’m not with Porter any more, somehow. Seems self-conscious, self-satisfied, full of a secret conceit, “psycho-analytical”. Funny way to describe a man who’s not a bad sort really! Trigg describes him as “two faced”…

As No Eight my duties oncoming into action are not arduous. Hope I’ll become a layer eventually – or No.4 again.


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