Thursday, January 24, 2008

Saturday 16th October 1937

Away by 12 o’clock dashing along the arterial road with it’s warning notices – “On this road in 1936… 14 people were killed…”

Home for lunch. Deerbrook, Ashford for tea. “A few friends,” the invitation had mentioned… An AA Scout was directing traffic inside the gate! About 50 guests, all old Pageanteers, but very few whom I knew. None of my friends. Nice to see Jack Hose again but it wasn’t frightfully exciting.

Called for Anne in the evening, to take her home. Night drive: The North Circular, Cambridge Road, Waltham Cross. We took turns at whistling, whilst the car droned on. Eerie Epping Forest. Hatfield 10p.m. A nice home and nice people. Supper, sitting snugly by the fire, with Anne. We talked until 12:30. Then, the road home. Coffee at the Oasis Roadhouse, near Chelmsford. Slowly drove on – through my first fog. The parapet of the bridge at Battlesbridge loomed suddenly ahead. Last time, on a bicycle, I nearly fell asleep there…

Home 2:45. Supper, a book and a cigarette. Bed 3:30. Life goes on; it does not stand still. To look back is useless; one must live in the present.


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