Sunday, January 20, 2008

Wednesday 22nd September 1937

Betty ill at the digs. Measles apparently; she has fainted twice. I volunteered to move out for a few days to ease the pressure of work. I had to find digs. Not too easy. Eventually rang Southend 4383. Travers old number. Yes, they could put me up. The address was 15 Harcourt Avenue. I went there with a suitcase. Gay people. Somewhat crowded; I had a bed made in the front sitting room.

Back to Eastwoodbury to collect a few things. It was dark; I felt disconsolate; sat in the car wondering what to do next. Footsteps in the lane. It was Nancy coming home. She came for a drive with me, whereupon I no longer felt disconsolate. Drove to Wakering. Requested and received permission to go to Foulness. (I cunningly mentioned the Kings Head.) Nancy was quite thrilled by that weird Island road. When we got to the sea wall at Fisherman’s Head I realised an old ambition with removing the Danger Notice and bringing it away as a souvenir.

Back to the new digs 11:30. Just in time for supper in the crowded kitchen – all young people.


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