Sunday, January 20, 2008

Saturday 11th September 1937

Eastern Star this morning. Still complaint of unsatisfactory work. (Mr Pullen, our cashier, informs that no payments have been made at all, yet. He adds that the account has only recently become due for settlement.) Southend General Hospital. All OK, work proceeding smoothly. The contract is nearly over, so far as we are concerned.

Called at Pollard’s Garage, Leigh, and was taken for a run in a 1934 Austin Seven. The thing would not start, stalled several times, rattled. The inside of the bonnet was dirty; side indicators did not work. As each defect became apparent, the salesman would say cheerily, “I’ll get that fixed – afterwards”. The two front tyres are badly worn. They ask £50 for the car. £64 with insurance and a 3 months tax, on HP. £10 down and the balance at rate of £4-10 per month. A) Is the car worth so much? B) Can I afford it? (An old acquaintance returns!) Well, I must afford it – if the car is worth so much.

Left a deposit of £4 and arranged to call back next week. I’ll get some motor expert to have a look at the bus. Purchase of a car means the temporary abandonment of my affluence, but a car is fast becoming an essential to my business success.


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