Sunday, January 20, 2008

Thursday 9th September 1937

Ambitious move as regards finance: Having £8-0-0 in my home safe account at the Midland Bank, I requested that this be placed in a current account – with a cheque book and all that! Gave Paripan Ltd and my Father as references.

Soon afterwards I sold 12 1/- tins of P Cleaner and Polisher to an ironmonger. First PCP sale and a new account. Trial order. When the paint trade gets slack this winter, I will do some high pressure selling of PCP among retail stores. In the meantime, I have placed a dozen tins on the market as a “feeler”.

Hadleigh at lunchtime. Took a stock renewal order from Mr Page. The day became cold; rain began to fall. My list of calls was exhausted. What the hell happens next? I wondered. Cycled aimlessly along the Broadway, through the rain. Harris, the decorator, hailed me from the pavement. Undercoat Paste applied yesterday and still not dry! For the rest of the afternoon I swung between this job and Mr Page’s shop.
Eventually the complaint was settled amicably, it being proved that our product was not the cause of the trouble.

Still raining. Found Harris and his men in a peaceful room, playing darts. (The decoration job was at a club hall.) Waited until Harris had won the match, then sold him two gallons of PHG - rush order, special shade to be matched, wanted Monday.

Cycled home (through the rain!) and reached Roedean about 4:45. Sorted things out, wrote my lengthy reports. 6:30. I like the evening “office work” - a little business of my own!


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