Sunday, February 03, 2008

Sunday 23rd January 1938

Drove to Hatfield Broad Oak this afternoon to see Anne. After tea we went for a short run in the Zephyr and Anne informed me that our friendship should now end. We returned to her house, pushed back the kitchen table and tuned the wireless to Radio Normandy. I danced with Anne and her sister Joan.

Anne had to leave for Town by the 7 o’clock bus, so we drove down the road and waited. The conversation continued. I admitted that I had no intention of marriage during the next few years. We both admitted that we were not in love. Anne pointed out that she was nearly 29… The drift of the conversation is apparent. I said I valued her friendship and all that but Anne (perhaps very sensibly) pointed out that friendship between man and woman rarely ends happily for both. The bus suddenly appeared and we hastily parted.


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