Saturday, February 02, 2008

Thursday 2nd and Friday 3rd December 1937

I gradually became known at certain cafes and so forth. In several localities, have a regular port of call for lunch, tea or a snack. Laindon – “Mansfield”, at Langdon Hills. Southend – Garon’s, Victoria Circus. I always go to the same corner and am served by the same waitress. Now she knows me and gives me a snug table by a radiator. Chelmsford – The Oasis Café.

I discovered the Oasis one cold night in October, as I returned from Anne’s place at Hatfield. Since then I’ve often been there. It is just outside Chelmsford, on the Colchester Road. I now use it as a second accommodation address – in the name of John Davidson. Mr Davidson is going to order a quart of Duripan Hard Gloss from a Chelmsford ironmonger. If Paripan sends a copy of this order to the East Essex representative, Mr Dawson will then know that Chelmsford is his territory. This has been a better week for business. Because: a) I obtained a three month’s contract for U/Coat Paste White at Leigh; b) A dance hall at Southend is being converted into a new employment exchange.


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