Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Friday 15th July 1938

Met Lois at Oakdene, 7:15p.m. At 8:30p.m. after listening to some lovely gramophone records, we hurried into Southend to bring her people back from the Pictures.
Afterwards we dashed again into Southend as I had to be at the drill hall for miniature range firing. Lois waited in the car until I returned – 45 minutes. We could not be together then, for long, because her people object to their daughter being out later than 11 o’clock. Lois quoted sadly; - “Maybe next time we live, we’ll have time for each other…”

My firing was a qualification for the open range this weekend. Signalmen have to fire on the open range as part of their recruits’ training. I’ve always been a rotten shot, but under the tutoring of the Sergt. Major I did quite well – 58 marks out of 80, which just qualifies me as a first-class shot!


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