Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Saturday 2nd July 1938

Hard lines, having to work on Saturday but I enjoyed it! Reaping the benefit of yesterday’s efforts. Met Garforth at 9:30 and was with him about an hour-and-a-half getting shades chosen by the clerk of works, examining old surfaces at the first job – Jones Memorial Ground. The first order was for 1 cwt of H2O paint and 25 gallons of Parax Paint. I proudly wrote out the order:- “Borough of Southend Education Committee.”

Afternoon. Lois and I parked Zephyr by the roadside near Downham, (“Where there’s a nice view”) and strolled across the fields. Through woods, until we reached a railway. And as we stood on the railway – Swish – rain, heavy rain, coming nearer! Lois laughed, “Two practical people caught out! No macs! How the Gods are laughing!” It was thundery weather so we slunk in the bushes but that soon became damp so we crossed the line and sat beneath an old, thick foliaged tree. My jacket just covered both our shoulders; Lois’ hair was dark with rainwater and smelt beautiful – hair and fresh rain together!

We changed our wet things and then I called at Oakdene for Milady. She stood on the stairs; “Jump!” I said. This was simply a ruse to get her in my arms… We stood close, close, and knew that we were terribly, wonderfully, sure of each other. And then we heard her people coming through the garden – returning from the Pictures!
We drove to Eastwoodbury, taking the gramophone and some books of poetry. A car was parked in the lane against Fred Butler’s gate; two lovers. However, I brutally moved them (noisily opening the gate, lighting a cigarette, before I approached the car…) and then drove into the field.

We played gramophone records and read poetry by the light of my flash lamp.


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