Sunday, March 23, 2008

Monday 15th August 1938

Lois was again, frightfully helpful. She drove me around, doing the shopping etc. Then we called for B and AV and – with another battery – got the engine roaring. I ordered a new battery forthwith. The old one has been giving trouble for months. Did not make any calls today. Just sat in the garden writing letters, filing, planning the week’s work.

Oh, what a horrid disillusionment tonight! I’d always understood that Lois believed in the prevention of war by defence and that she was proud of me for being a Territorial. On the contrary! I discovered tonight that she prefers “conchies” (those unspeakable people) and thinks that military training is a lot of rot.

Of course we must all have our own opinions; but that we should have different views about a thing of that sort!


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