Sunday, March 23, 2008

Monday 8th August 1938

Manoeuvres this week. Shortage of trained men. The whole “A” class in the recruits school will go out as checks, counter clerks etc. with the Sections. Camper and Kirby have already been taken as linesmen. Very jubilant in our tent as, through skilful arrangement of our kits, none of the incoming second-week men have been put with us. Hence we have plenty of room – for an army tent.

The Post came up to me today, reminding that I was not absolutely cut off from life here. A letter from Gwyn (now BSc Hons.) regarding our reunion. When we parted last year we agreed to meet again for auld lang syne.

Went on the Pier tonight and lounged in a deck chair. Presently I arose and strolled along. “Stephen” said a feminine voice. I turned; it was Anne! We went on the dodgems and joyfully bumped Kirby. She has been here three days and returns tomorrow. “Small is the earth and narrow the corner wherein we dwell”(“Short therefore is man’s life and narrow the corner of the earth wherein he dwells”).

We had lager in a courtyard which opened into a green square, with brilliant lights in its trees and beneath the waters of a fountain. We later found a snug corner on a balcony and could look down onto the gay crowd in the courtyard. Normally we would not have met again. We shall, however. Now we both feel happier and there is nothing misunderstood between us.


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