Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Saturday 30th July 1938

I’m out of the poverty zone! This morning’s mail brought a commission cheque - £15-0-4 and three weeks salary. So I’ve put £20-5-7 in the Bank, £5 in my cash box (an old tobacco tin) for reserve and there’s £5 in my pocket for holiday pocket money.

Nothing urgent in the mail – several copies of orders, including two I’d not expected and which increased my turnover accordingly. Have just driven around town with Iris, delivering a few chickens and eggs. Now – 11:30 – I’m going to pack and clean my equipment. The holiday has started!

Oh, Hell! Just as I wrote the line above, a post card arrived. From Lieut. Jarvis. He could not get away on Saturday, therefore we must travel down on Sunday with the other – in uniform. Damn!


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