Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Thursday 28th July 1938

After parade at the drill hall tonight came the order:-

“Drivers JC, fall in!” Naturally I’m not a Driver being still a recruit; nevertheless I hopefully joined a crowd of men around Lient. Jarvis. He wanted a man to drive his car down to Camp, not being very experienced himself. Everyone else seemed ineligible somehow, and I eventually got the job. A Morris Ten. We go down in “civvies” – no formality – on Saturday afternoon instead of on Sunday morning, when the rest of the Company is travelling. That means – no frantic rush to get away on Sunday, no scrambling into new and unfamiliar uniform in the early hours of the morning. I shall travel in comfort instead of in a packed bus!

My usual luck – or is it luck? Two ways of looking at it! As in the case of my transfer to the gun park at Watchet!


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