Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Sunday 24th July 1938

Slept until 11:30 Marvellous! After lunch – another hot day – Lois and I drove out to Creeksea and wandered on the saltings. Back at Canewdon we found the Club having tea and joined them. Joan Yeaxlee, fed up with rambling, drove B and AV and three tired passengers into Rochford. Lois and I were able to have a walk!

Found the B and AV waiting for us in the Market Square when we eventually reached Rochford. Said “Auf Wiedershen” to the rest and went to Lois’. She goes on holiday tomorrow with her people and there seemed to be a lot to do. So I left at 9 o’clock, advising them to “have a good time”. We shall not meet again for three weeks. And a casual parting like that! Oh Hell!


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