Tuesday, June 03, 2008

Friday 17th March 1939

Two years since I took my first order – at Hadleigh Builders Supply. Mr Page gave me an order today (sentimentally, I had to call). A Westcliff decorator gave me a decent order also, so the turnover was £7-14-0 – quite good.

Took some things to Stock tonight – just to make sure I hadn’t dreamed it all. However it was quite real! As I sat in the car outside Stock Post Office (having just sent off my reports etc and a memo of my new address) an elderly postman came up and peered in. I opened the car door. “Well sir, how are you keeping now?” he smiled. “Fine, thanks” I replied, somewhat amused. “And you?” “Oh, not too bad” he said, “Terrible wintry weather we’re having though”. “Yes, pretty bleak” “Never mind” he concluded happily, “I reckon that when this lot’s over, spring will burst through”

Yes! Stock greets me!


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