Sunday, June 22, 2008

Monday 3rd July 1939

14 calls in Southend and district – three cheques, 3 orders. A substantial payment and an order from Yeldham. In view of the payment I decided to accept the order – first since October. Gower settled his January account. Turnover about £4-10-0.

Toc H tonight, after an absence of several weeks. To my surprise I heard that the Secretary, Travess - that very ordinary young man – had disappeared a month ago. Just vanished, taking most of his more valuable possessions and leaving all affairs in order! Apparently he just got fed-up and went! How easy to misjudge a man’s type at first acquaintance!

We all went to one of the members houses and played bowls. An interesting game which I’d never played before. Did not distinguish myself but luckily there were several other novices, some worse than I.

Everywhere, preparations for War in August or September. The King reviews 20,000 national service men and women in Hyde Park. German troops and arms pour into Danzig.
Poland, France and Britain stand together – and wait. The pact with Russia is still not signed…


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