Friday, June 20, 2008

Saturday 24th June 1939

This weeks turnover - £21. Only bright day on the road this week was Tuesday. Grays, Upminster, Romford, Ilford. Things don’t seem so bad in the London districts. £8-10-0 that day. Sunny, hot day too.

Returning from Ilford, I had an enjoyable road race (along the double track) with a Ford Ten – same year and model as mine. From Ilford to Laindon we were never more than 40 yards apart, although I actually led most of the time. 55-50-55 He was marvellous on bends! Gained at each roundabout. As I swung off at Laindon I looked round, saw the other driver’s teeth gleam as he smiled. We saluted. A draw!
Lois has quarrelled with her parents. Well – not exactly quarrelled but she’s fed-up with being at home – and I don’t wonder. She is trying to get a job as companion-chauffeuse. Romance!

I had breakfast in bed this morning and have done nothing much all day, except writing. All-night ramble tonight. It won’t be such a glorious show as last year’s. Hardly anyone coming! Lois is leading again.


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