Thursday, June 26, 2008

Tuesday 25th July 1939

Evening drill. Afterwards, Jacko and I waited, as usual, for George, then went out for a coffee – to The Sunbeam. Coffee and welsh rarebits, actually. Sang to a vamped piano, played bar billiards; it was damned hot. Jacko sang divinely. Girl looked at Jacko; went out. Smiled over her shoulder. Jacko hurried off. “Pay my bill old man, I’ll be back in half an hour!” I flourished half a crown. The proprietor said, “You can put that right away!” “Oh, you’re not the least interested in half a crown, eh?”
“No! Your bill is one and four and his three and a penny!”

George and I scrambled into Slinky and hastened after the blighter. Wait half an hour, indeed! Ferociously, I crawled behind Jacko and the girl his arm encircled, headlights blazing. She left Jacko at her garden gate. Hungry for a kiss he walked slowly towards the door. And slowly the door closed! Jacko stood irresolute. George and I laughed loudly. Stung, poor Jacko knocked on the door. It opened immediately and the girl furiously told him to go away. Everyone was furious except George and I. Loud mirth had made me helpless.


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