Friday, July 04, 2008

Friday 18th August 1939

I got the Billings order today! 37 gallons of enamel, 15 gallons of varnish. Turnover £33. Trouble with the merchants has already commenced, as Ward, the traveller-manager for Norman and Co, Grays, arrived on the job whilst I was there. Somewhat awkward when he came eagerly across and had to be told that this particular order was coming direct!

He was highly indignant at “the principle of the thing” and secretly I didn’t blame him. Had him in the car and tried to placate him, but there was nothing doing! He was going to fight us like hell, even if it meant wasting time he could ill afford! He’d call on Billings every day and endeavour to get the products of some other firm placed! Before he left me however, we did come to a gentlemen’s agreement regarding Marshall and Wilson, a building firm whose orders I have been passing onto Norman and Co. We agreed to still play side by side, there.


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