Friday, July 11, 2008

Friday 3rd November 1939

Quite a “panic” rumour today, when the Regiment apparently received orders regarding the action to be taken in case of an enemy invasion in the neighbourhood of Harwich.
Quite a routine arrangement, I presume, but everyone became very excited, as though German troops were already pouring inland.

Army lorries drove up with loads of shells which were unloaded and stacked away. Men were despatched hastily to various places on mysterious errands. Arrangements were made for the emergency forming of a composite battery within the Regiment. We were to form “A” Troop. All NCO’s are in this special troop – as far as the signals is concerned. I was put down as GA wireless operator, with Cartwright.

Ah well! The excitement began to subside towards evening and I managed to get home by 6 o’clock.


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